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We are aN Architecture & Design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.



Studio Nform is a full-service Architecture and Design studio. We specialize in a range of project types and sizes. Our passion lies in creating unique, context-driven, and responsible designs. Our diverse team allows for each project to be visualized and managed from Inception to construction administration. 

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We have a creative and rich palette, yet simple and efficient, where it counts. Nform embraces projects through a mix of research and ideas. We treat each project as an opportunity to showcase unique materials, lighting, methods of fabrication, and spatial interaction. 


Flash/30 design service

Not quite ready for a gut-renovation? We work with several clients either gearing up for a major SELL or a recent buyer looking to FLIP a property. Typically, these clients are in need of some major help, project management, and completion date of yesterday. Nform Flash/30 clients typically have budgets ranging from 40K to just under 200K, and need every cent to make an impact. Let us help you develop a comprehensive strategy, connect you with affordable contractors, and set some real expectations for your project.  


Who We Are:

Nform is a global design resource. We attribute our diverse range of projects and locations to the compatibility of our team and each individual's skills and dedication.


Sean Gold


American-born architect and designer Sean Gold has been recognized as a forward-thinking strategist and designer. As the founder and principal of Studio Nform, Sean leads projects across various scales. 


Melissa Anderson

Interior Designer

Melissa, founder of OAD Interiors, works with Nform on a range of projects and details. Melissa started her career in fine art, and acted as color manager for several prestigious studios in NYC before transitioning into design.


preet kalra

Project Manager

Born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E. Preet Kalra is a wild-child turned architect who focused his energy into curating the environment around himself. Preet enjoys photography, travelling and motorsports.